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File: 1b.png -(864269 B, 1075x765) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
864269 No.20948  

Link 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/27fydzsfun9y8h7/Kakegurui+Yorozu+part+2.rar

This the official anthology of the Kakegurui series that has mainly Yuri and shoujo ai stories that I would like to see tranlsated so I tried my chance here at the Yuri Project baord.

Baka Link https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=142863

>> No.21007  

Bump please someone translate the Yuri stories in it.

>> No.21120  

Hello can you reupload part 2 somewhere? I can't seem to download it. Part 1 downloads fine.

>> No.21121  

1: https://mega.nz/#!qZ51hCAI!Li6nkt9BGMByYJQFtzeUZJ0gvdrkfxCK4mRwUTmGl2I
2: https://mega.nz/#!OVpjCSpb!Vc4aUv0lcCH5xDcQiMAGuQ55cIoxIqfArT23utyfmv8

>> No.21134  

That was quick, thank you very much procyon!!!

>> No.21138  

I was about to give up hope thank you so much anon!

>> No.21181  


So are you TLing it?

>> No.21285  
File: ky1f.png -(737523 B, 984x1534) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thanks for the raws!
Here's hoping there's someone who will translate 'em.

>> No.21287  


CanĀ“t you translate them Anon?

>> No.21327  

Will bump this up again

>> No.21357  

I hope someone will translate this.

>> No.21468  

Still no one huh?

>> No.21677  


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