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File: img002.jpg -(1976258 B, 1679x2651) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1976258 No.20264  

62-page raws

>> No.20545  

can someone please translate this please? i've been looking for this :)

>> No.20565  

>>20545 i'll try.

>> No.20630  

>>20545 Here you go. I'm not sure how to translate some of the sentences but... I tried. :)

>> No.20637  

Looks good. Don't forget to add a credits page.

Page 16
we shoiuld go ahead. ->
we should go ahead.

Page 19
if she laughed at it. ->
if she laughs at it.

riun our friendship. ->
ruin our friendship.

Page 30
a solid evidence. ->
solid evidence.
("evidence" is uncountable)

Page 32
Are you jelous? ->
Are you jealous?

Page 33
like to date him, Aria? ->
like to date him, Aira?

Page 46
I could get an evidence ->
I could get evidence

Page 50
if Jeck's bullet matches the one ->
if Jeck's bullets match the one
(or: if Jeck's gun matches the bullet)

Page 51
I know that, Aria. ->
I know that, Aira.

Page 52
and that youre here. ->
and that you're here.

Page 53
since you asked me with so many questions. ->
since you bombarded me with so many questions.

Page 60
The trusth is... ->
The truth is...

>> No.20644  

>>20637 Thank you! So many typo... kept on typing ARIA instead of AIRA. Hahaha

>> No.20677  


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