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File: yuri mekuru oshigoto cover.jpg -(158432 B, 513x717) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
158432 No.19206  

The second volume of the Yuri Mekuru series.

RAW https://mega.nz/#!yt8Q3LiT!a3hJsz84kjmCSF4iZXdWENyc7bHdXLpYdaWkqE3O3ac
My un-QCed, badly edited TL https://mega.nz/#!5AwDTDBb!4wETD6c3dPZdrgHqc0J1tcGyj74ZO8M4ZCsCqUd-38g
TL can be also found in the threads http://deploy.loveisover.me/u/thread/1906254/ and http://boards.4chan.org/u/thread/2044851/yuri-mekuru-hibi

Anyone interested in making this into a more presentable scanlation?

>> No.20101  

Hey, Anon that finished up Yuri Mekuru Hibi here. I'd like to do Yuri Mekuru Oshigoto too.

Here is chapter 00 submitted for QC.
If no one wants to do it I'll just have /u/ QC for me.


>> No.20102  

Also, the images are enormous, so I don't know if it's common to make them smaller, and if so how to do that "correctly".

>> No.20105  


scale the image to 2000px height. make sure you maintain the aspect ratio when you do it.

>> No.20107  

Resized version:

>> No.20110  

Nice, good job. Do you want to do SFX as well?

Here are the four for this chapter:
page 2 panel 1: よりパン - Yori's Bakery (is another name used later on?)
panel 5: ゴゥンゴゥン - Fwwwm Fwwwm
page 3 panel 2: がば - Jump
panel 3: ドキドキ - Badum Badum

>> No.20111  


I didn't clean the Jump SFX because I didn't want to deal with it. Also added a credit page.


>> No.20112  

Just FYI, this is what was posted as the original fonts last thread.

Main Dialog: Fuzzybubbles 5,5 pt
Thoughts: Christine
Senpai Punchline: Jenna Sue, 120% width
Asides: laCartoonerie
Page Titles: Aquafont 7.25 pt bold
Narration: Post Human

>> No.20113  

This is chapter 01, but there are a few missing translations of varying importance on pages 6, 8, 10, 11, and 12.


>> No.20117  

On the credits pages, the author's name should be Umitsuki Reona.

Page 6 panel 5 かすかす - Swip Swip
Page 8 panel 3 じょ - Pour
-panel 4 Pour
-panel 5 だばだば - Overflow
-panel 6 ごくごく - Gulp Gulp
Page 10 あー / うー - Gaah / Guuh (zombie noises)
Page 11 panel 3 うしし - Hihi
-The background text of panel 3 hasn't been copied.
-panel 6 ゾワ - Shudder
Page 12 「お返しできた〜」 - Repaid.
-panel 2 sensei -> Sensei

>> No.20120  
You missed page eight, and instead did page five as page six, and page six as page eight.
Could you translate what's left on page eight for me please?
>> No.20121  
File: 008.png -(20119 B, 203x385) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

By which I mean this line.

>> No.20122  

ちゅるる - Slurp

>> No.20123  

YMO 00:

YMO 01:

>> No.20128  

So is anyone looking at this?

>> No.20134  


>> No.20135  

Someone in the Dynasty comments asked why this was being worked on when Hibi wasn't complete. Was chapter 19 not the end of it? It had an author afterword so I thought it was. If so, maybe ask to change the Dynasty page to "Complete".

>> No.20136  

It's complete. I sent a request to Dynasty.

>> No.20144  

YMO 02:


As with the others, there are some effects and such that were not translated. I can put those in if they get translated.

>> No.20152  

Page 13, last panel: すーすー - Zzz Zzz

Page 14, panel 2: Hehe. -> Hehe, thanks.
社会 - Social Studies

Page 15, last panel: ぷるん - Quiver (looks like the shaking of the bag of eyes, but could also be shaking of fear of Sayuri)

Page 16, panel 5: ぎゅ - Clench

Page 17, panel 2: わたしもです - Me as well.
panel 3: スッ - Swish
panel 5: カアアア - Blush
panel 6: ビク - Startle
panel 7: ドッドッ - Badum Badum

Page 19, panel 2: すーすー - Zzz Zzz
panel 3: ぱさ - Fwish
panel 4: んーぐぐぐ - Mnnn Stretch
panel 5: 寝言 - Sleep talking?
panel 6: すーすー - Zzz Zzz

Page 20, panel 1: ゆさゆさ - Touch
Please don't skip... -> We haven't skipped a thing...
panel 3: ビク - Startle
白百合病棟24時 - Shiro Yuri Byoutou 24h (or: White Lily Ward 24h)

>> No.20163  

YMO 02 Revised:


>> No.20168  


>> No.20206  

YMO 03:


I was hoping to finish this before Christmas, but life got in the way...

>> No.20209  
File: mekuru3_qc1.txt -(2106 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I put suggestions for the SFXs. All I did was put the characters into the jadedsfx website and chose some good ones. Use them if you wish, or wait for a pro to actually translate them.

>> No.20217  


If Procyon is still willing to translate them, I'll wait to see what comes back from that.

I scanned over your list of things, and there are some I disagree with, but I'll make the necessary changes.

>> No.20220  

Page 22
遺伝なのかな - It runs in the blood?

Even a large person could fit into this! =>
What a huge hearth! It could fit a person!

That's why my father is still searching out Santa around the world for me... =>
That's why at this time of year my father still searches out Santa around the world for me...

くす - Giggle

Page 23
ぐぐぐ - Squee

すっ - Fwish

Page 24
くいくい - Pull Pull

Page 25
のそ - Fwip

ドキッ - Badum

ちょん... - Press...

How many... =>
Can you do that...? / She doesn't mind...?
("to the nipples...")

Page 26
かさ - Fidget

Let's close our eyes and open them together. =>
Let's open the presents together on the count of three.

Page 27
パンパン - Clap Clap

ガラガラ - Rattle Rattle

…でもこれってまるで… - This is almost like...

でも…それって - But that's...

>> No.20234  

YMO 03: Four Days Late Edition


>> No.20239  


pg22 - panel 5, bubble 2

change font to Christine

>Can you do that...? / She doesn't mind...?

I'm not sure if Procyon wanted you add both sentences or just one. Maybe he/she will clarify.

Otherwise, it looks fine to me.

>> No.20244  

I meant one of those, so it's good like this.

>> No.20248  

YMO 03: T Minus Five Days


>> No.20249  


>> No.20292  

YMO 04:


>> No.20293  

Page 29
panel 3 カポーン - Steamy
panel 5 ぱしゃ - Splash

Page 30
panel 3 こしゅこしゅ - Rub Rub
panel 4 す すす - Swish
panel 5 ビク - Shock
Panel 6 ドキ ドキ - Badum Badum

Page 31
panel 3 & 4 ドドド - Grmmm
panel 6 ゴシャ - Slam
ぴゅ ぴゅ - Squirt
はあ はあ - Haah Haah

Page 32
panel 2 ぱしゃ - Splash
びく - Startled
panel 3 ひそ - Whisper
panel 4 わーい - Yay
カアアアア - Blush
panel 5 あわわわ - Awawawa
panel 6 カシャアン - Crash

Page 33
panel 6 どき - Badum

Page 34
panel 3 つる - Slide
panel 4 どすん - Thump
panel 6 ドキ - Badum

Page 35
panel 4 くら - Dizzy
panel 5 どさ - Thump

Page 36
panel 2 ぶしゃあ - Splash
panel 4 す - Fwip
panel 6 ……ん - ...Hm.
panel 8 ちゃぷん - Bloated

>> No.20298  

Also, was the note about 'university potato' alright? I'm just going off what I remember from the thread there.

>> No.20299  

YMO 04:


>> No.20301  

You could use "vaguely similar".

On page 29 the SFX are moved up by one. Panel 3 is "Steamy", panel 5 is "Splash" and panel 6 (ちゃぷん) should be "Overflowing".

On page 31 "SFX: squirt" and a missing "slam" SFX should be on the left or the bottom.

>> No.20304  

YMO 04 V2:


>> No.20308  


I'll QC this in the morning. My internet is struggling right now, so Mega isn't allowing me to download the whole thing at once.

>> No.20310  
File: ymo4_qc.txt -(313 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Sorry about the wait. I kinda forgot haha. Btw this chapter was hilarious XD

>> No.20311  

YMO 04 V96:


>> No.20313  


>> No.20326  

YMO 05:


There's a bunch that needs translation here...

>> No.20327  

Page 37
もじもじ - Fidget Fidget

てれ - Shy

スチャ - Slide

I accidentally took my snorkeling mask instead. =>
I accidentally brought my snorkeling mask...!

Page 39
ええ - Okay.

ザー - Shhh or Slide

カッ - Plunk
ズサァ - Zssh

ゴロゴロゴロ - Roll

Page 40
「防寒だそうです」 - Looks cold-resistant.
ガタガタ ガタガタ - Rattle Rattle
パチパチ - Snap

ぐすん - Sob

ビョオオオオ - Vwoooo

ぶる - Shiver

ドキ - Badum

どくんどくん - Badum Badum

Page 41
どくんどくん - Badum Badum

どきどき - Badum Badum
あ… - Ah...

どきどき - Badum Badum
パン - Slap

Page 42
はあはあ - Haah Haah

we are low on oxygen...? =>
could it be we are low on oxygen...?

ビュオオオオオ - Vwoooo

すーはー - Heeh Haah
ヒュオオ - Vwiii

Page 43
「絶対止められないです」 - That definitely won't stop it.
ゴンゴン - Thump Thump

ガチャ - Rattle

ヒュオオオオ - Vwoooo

ビュオオオオ - Vwooom

ガクガク ブルブル - Twist Shiver

Page 44
That'l l happen some day... =>
That'll happen some day...

パパパパパ - Dakka Dakka

「はい」とか言っちゃった - I blurted out 'yes'...

>> No.20330  

YMO 05 V2:


>> No.20335  


>> No.20349  

YMO 06:


>> No.20350  

Page 45
today is a bowling day. =>
today let's try bowling.

That's nice. =>
That sounds nice.

ぐっ - Clench

カチャカチャ - Rummage

スッ - Swish

Page 46
カチャカチャ - Rummage

Page 47
スッ - Swish

ズシ... - Tremble...

ドガ - Crash

ぐあ - Exert
ビン - Cling

ゴロオオオ - Roll

Page 48
ガコオ - Slam

ゾッ - Shiver

あせあせ - Sweating
ゴウンゴウン - Rumble Rumble

ゴウン - Rumble

はあはあ - Haah Haah

Page 49
lined up balls =>
lined-up balls

スッ - Swish

Page 50
カコ - Tak

ガコンガコンガコン - Tik Tik Tik

すごい! - Amazing!
ふー… - Phew.

It just doesn't generate any air. However... ->
It won't blow air, so it doesn't slide well. However...

はっは はっは - Haah Haah
カ カ カ - Tak Tak Tak

Page 51
(monitor) まず顔を撮ります - First, take a picture of your face.

邪馬台国 - Yamatai Style (also maybe Himiko Hairstyle (卑弥呼髪型))
パシャ - Flash

ボコオ - Thud

テンテンテン♪ - Ping Ping ♪
ぐにゃあ - Swirl

Page 52
先輩… - Senpai...

たっ - Step

>> No.20352  


I forgot to mention: on the first page in the narration bubble Anon translated something as "playland". Is this a good translation? I have never ever heard this term used.

>> No.20353  

It's the Japanese term and it looks like it's used in McDonald's and things like that. Maybe something like "game zone" or "play zone" would be good.

>> No.20355  

YMO 06 V2:


>> No.20356  



-panel 4, bubble 2
comma after "ball"


comma after "dangerous"


comma after "Usually"
embarassing -> embarrassing

-last panel,left text
comma after "Fun"


-last panel
missing text: "is always so pleasant."

>> No.20357  

Good catch on that missing text.

YMO 06 V96:


>> No.20358  



put "it" on previous line


-second title
comma after "Finally"

untranslated aside - "Amazing!"
missing text in second bubble - "Phew."
according to >>20350


put "it" on previous line

comma after "it"


comma after me

-p6,left text
in -> into

>> No.20362  

YMO 06 V97:


>> No.20363  


Just one more thing.


>panel 3, text on the screen

according to >>20350, it translates to "First, take a picture of your face."

Otherwise, good job :)

>> No.20364  


Eugh right, I forgot about that.
I was saving that for last because it looked like it was going to be a pain.

>> No.20365  

It actually wasn't difficult at all.

YMO 06 V98:


>> No.20367  


>> No.20377  

I am still working on this. Large chapter + things to do.

>> No.20378  

You can do it, Sayuri!

YMO 07 V1:


>> No.20379  

Page 53
ええ - Yes.

ピンポン - Ping Pong
ガシャ - Whir

そそ… - Slide

Page 55
ゴウンゴウン - Fwwwm

Page 56
チーズ - Cheese
三途川 - Sanzu River

シュ - Vshhh

ぽい - Toss
シュ - Vshhh

しゅぽん - Shh-pew

こんっ - Thud

Page 57
イタコの具 口寄せ - Spirit Talk with a Medium
(I can't tell if that's 具 (tool), so I left it out)

ザワ - Despair

Page 58
There is something called =>
They have a bottle of

"It seems to be a local special product." was floating.

ビュ - Squirt

Open air bath =>
The open air bath

That is the good thing about them. =>
I like them that way.

Page 59
ガオー - Gwaah

で,ですか - C- could it be?

Page 60
スッ… - Fwip

ドキドキ - Badum Badum

ボーーー… - Daze

はっ - Hah

Page 61
ガチャ - Rattle

ガバ - Start

カギカギ - The key...
スチャ - Fwish

Trashcan: 燃える - Burnable Trash

Page 62
ゾッ - Shiver

ブルブル - Tremble

ガバ - Jump out

Page 63
シン - Silence

ズズ - Drag...

Page 64
ガチャン - Click
はあ はあ - Haah Haah

パチ - Blink

ぼーー - Daze

バッ - Fwmm

Page 65
ドキドキドキ - Badum Badum Badum

What two people ->
Yes, what two people

Page 66
The missing translation is part of the next sentence, so you should split that up.

Page 68
はあ はあ - Haah Haah

ぽっ - Blush
くす - Giggle

confuse wrestling with that but... =>
confuse wrestling with /that/, but...

Page 69
ファンファン - Whoo Whoo

>> No.20380  
File: page61.png -(65179 B, 278x291) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

YMO 07 V2:


ALSO, this image is showing that bit of text at the right. I believe that is missing.

>> No.20381  

It's the "What?!" in the bubble.

>> No.20382  

YMO 07 V3: Slight update for the misplaced "What?!"


I also took out musicgod96 from the credits, to be put back in if he shows up to look at this chapter.

>> No.20383  
File: ymo7_qc1.txt -(431 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I here :)

I honestly did not expect the two guys to die like that... Still a hilarious chapter.

>> No.20386  


>last chunk of text
>Can you move the top right corner piece higher so it is above the first line?

I know absolutely nothing about Japanese grammar, but I thought the box was going around specifically "Sayuri's tackle explosion of desire" like it's her 'signature move' or something. In fact, shouldn't it them be all capitalized if that were true?

Can you weigh in on this, Procyon? And is that a good translation? Maybe something like "Sayuri's Tackle of Explosive Desire" or something, unless it doesn't sound so awkward in Japanese.

Other than that, we're good to go.

>> No.20387  

That's right, it's like a signature move. It does say "Sayuri's Tackle Explosion of Desire" or "Sayuri's Explosive Tackle of Desire".

>> No.20389  

YMO 07 V4:


>> No.20390  

On page 58 the last bubble is empty.

>> No.20391  

My bad.

YMO 07 V5:


>> No.20392  


>> No.20397  

From the Dynasty comments:

>p. 58 and 64, transcription error - "yukata" not "yakuta" (The first instance of it is correct on 64 but not the second).

I will go back and correct this if you can verify.

>> No.20398  

That's right, "yakuta" should be "yukata".

>> No.20399  


YMO 07 Yukata Edition:


>> No.20400  


>> No.20408  

YMO 08:


>> No.20411  
File: ymo8_qc.txt -(288 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.20414  


>> No.20415  



>> No.20416  

I made your changes. Waiting for Procyon. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

>> No.20417  


Oh sorry. I'm not used to putting up my qc before Procyon's qc. So I wondering where the new file was haha. My bad.

>> No.20418  

Page 71
I am a novice detective Sayuri. ->
I am novice detective, Sayuri.

ふー - Sigh...

ガサ - Rustle

Page 72
もぐもぐ - Munch

I didn't come here ->
We didn't come here

ビク - Startle

Page 73
ゴンッ - Thunk

ズル… - Dizzy

Page 74
ん…… - Uhh...

Page 75
確保です - It's insurance.

ビク - Shock

ふるふる - Tremble

サッ - Swish

サラ - Fwish

whisk -> brush

Page 76
ビク - Shock

ブンブン - Wave Wave
くっ - Gh

ぐき - Twist

ゴン - Thunk

ゆさゆさ - Shake

Page 77
きゅ - Clench

はあ はあ - Haah Haah

Page 78
I wonder what is this feeling. ->
I wonder what this feeling is.

(sign) 注意 - Warning

I think we might make ->
I think we'll make

カアアア - Blush

たたたた - Step Step

>> No.20420  


>I wonder what is this feeling. ->
>I wonder what this feeling is.

Isn't the first translation most grammatically correct given that you're not supposed to end a sentence with a verb, even though that happens frequently in colloquial speech?

>> No.20421  

Page 71
This line shouldn't have a comma
I am novice detective, Sayuri. =>
I am novice detective Sayuri.


>I wonder what is this feeling.
>I wonder what this feeling is.

It's a clause and doesn't use the word order of a question.

>> No.20422  

YMO 08 V2:


>> No.20423  


>> No.20427  

YMO 09:


>> No.20428  

Page 79
ガチャ - Rattle

Page 81
ぎい - Creak

"Try them out ..."
In the third panel this should be
"This really is great."

Page 82
Hmm, what kind of story should I... ->
Hmm, what kind of story should I do...?

スッ - Swish

カキ カキ - Scribble

Page 83
A finished story in 16 pages... =>
A 16-page one-shot...

ピッ - Beep

It has to be a finished story though. =>
It has to be a one-shot though.

いじ - Fidget

むむ - Ponder

ガタガタ - Rattle

On the champagne bottle:
百合乱舞 - Yuri Ranbu / Wild Dance of Yuri

Page 84
ちゅー - Sip

On the bottle:
眠殺 - Minkoro / Sleep Killer

保存しました - Saved
ピッ - Ping

ふー - Phew

Page 85
プルルル - Ring Ring
あ - Ah.

the boss -> the editor

I guess we. / can't do anything ->
I guess / we can't do anything

ピッ - Beep

It is a shame for sure that ->
It's unfortunate
(to avoid repeating 'shame')

ほふ - Flutter

ズキン - Sting

Page 86
ふあさ - Fwish

スル - Slip

スルスル - Slip

>> No.20429  

YMO 09 V2:


>> No.20430  
File: ymo9_qc.txt -(367 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.20431  

YMO 09 V2:


>> No.20432  

Err... V3. You know what I mean.

>> No.20433  

Oops, for page 83 I wrote champagne bottle, but it's probably sake so could you change that to just 'bottle'?

>> No.20434  

YMO 09 V4:


>> No.20435  


>> No.20461  

YMO 10:


>> No.20463  

Page 87
my esteemed senpia =>
my esteemed Senpai



Page 88
ギギ ギギ

Page 89
We shall go up. =>
Going up.


Everyone, please tell ... =>
What floor, please?


Page 90





Page 91

(I think this is the lights going off)

Badum Badum



Ahem... Couldn't you change the direction of the flashlight? =>
Um... Could you point the flashlight somewhere else now?

Page 92

Click Click Click

Page 93



Page 94





>> No.20472  
File: surprised mimika.png -(236895 B, 713x622) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

YMO 10 V2:


>mfw four months later and only halfway done
>> No.20474  
File: ymo10_qc.txt -(260 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.20476  

YMO 10 V3:


>> No.20478  


>> No.20503  

YMO 11:

>> No.20506  

Page 95
ピーーー - Rip

Page 96
ガタガタ ガッチャン - Rattle
きゃっ - Kya

ガタガタ ガチャ - Rumble

ガタガタ - Rattle
すす - Wobble

Page 97
たたた - Running

ドキ - Badum

Page 98
はっはっ - Hah Hah

はっ - Haah

ひーひーひー -

消火器 - Fire Extinguisher

Page 99
panel 4: hpooh -> phooh

ビクビク - Tremble

Page 100
おぎゃあ - Gyaah
ふぎゃあ - Waah

くら - Dizzy

ぎょああ - Gwahaa

おぎゃあ - Gyaah

Page 102
ドキッ - Badum

>> No.20513  

YMO 11 V2:


>> No.20517  
File: ymo11_qc.txt -(316 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.20523  

Oops, forgot to check back in a timely fashion.

YMO 11 V3:


>> No.20526  


>> No.20532  

If you hadn't noticed, I've been more busy lately. I'm trying to finish a chapter every two weeks or so, but if anyone else cared to help then I would not mind. Otherwise, see you every two weeks. Anyway, I'm planning on getting chapter 12 cleaned today. Likely won't be ready for QC until next week.

>> No.20547  

YMO 12:

Trying new filehost so I can remove MEGA.

>> No.20551  

Page 103
おはよー - Good morning!

ブロロロ - Vroom

百合的日々幼稚園 - Yuri Everyday Kindergarten

Page 104
べちゃ - Vlech

You got defeated by those kids immediately =>
The kids don't wait to pick on you.

あはは - Ahaha

キュッキュッ - Squee Squee

What a big and shiny mud ball you have created! =>
Sensei, that's one huge and beautiful mud ball!

Page 105
It would be worrying if that actually work =>
Regardless, it would be worrying...

ん? - Hm?

かあああああ - Blush

ドキドキ - Badum Badum

ぬぎ - Undress

Page 106
ぐい - Pull

ふに - Poke

ぶばあ - Flip

ズル - Slide

Page 107
ズイ - Intense

ドキン - Badum

Page 108
もじもじ - Fidget Fidget

ダッ - Dash

Page 109
わっ - Waah

どたばた - Flail

Last panel is missing floating text. But I would put it as:
Yoriko-sensei's ability to meet the child's perspective is quite something.

Page 110
はあ はあ - Haah Haah

Everyone went back dome. =>
Everyone went back home.

やさやさ - Nudge Nudge

ふう - Heh...

>> No.20552  

YMO 12 V2:

>> No.20553  
File: ymo12_qc.txt -(380 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


On pg104, I'm not sure if "vlech" was intentional or not. If it was, can someone explain what it's supposed to mean because I have no idea what "vlech" is. XD

>> No.20555  

You could do something like "Splat".

>> No.20559  

YMO 12 V3:

>> No.20560  

I thought it was strange too, so I changed it to "splat" as was suggested.

>> No.20561  


>> No.20566  
File: 104.png -(784993 B, 995x1157) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

minor error. pg 104, “So you are pro.” should be “So you are a pro”.

>> No.20571  
File: 104_updated.png -(1348890 B, 2000x2842) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Updated page 104.

>> No.20572  

Updated on the home page.

>> No.20596  

YMO 13:

>> No.20602  

Page 111
heard the new? =>
heard the news?

ヒュウウウ - Vwooo

Page 112
"Sayuri, it's shift time" <= dust in bubble.

ガチャ - Rattle

ぶる - Shiver
ブブブ - Vwoom

ぴた - Touch

はあ はあ - Haah Haah
ビクッ - Startle

Page 113
ぞつ - Chill

ザワザワ - Rustle

ブチブチ - Snap

Page 114
ジュボ - Ignite

チリチリチリ - Crackle

Page 115
はあ はあ - Haah Haah

ズズズ - Tug

Page 116
That sounds fair. =>

ザッ - Thud
ビク - Startle

ブン - Thunk
カチン - Clang

ピッピッ - Beep Beep

Page 117
ぱああ - Beaming

パチャパチャパチャ - Snap Snap Snap

Page 118
Who would have thought ... =>
Who would have thought we'd reach TV with our Miko photoshoots and straw doll starter kits and make a killing off it.

さっさっ - Weave

ガヤガヤ - Crowded

ドキン - Badum

Page 119
ギクッ - Badum

>> No.20613  

YMO 13 V2:

>> No.20617  
File: ymo13_qc1.txt -(555 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.20618  

YMO 13 V3:

>> No.20623  


>> No.20629  
File: 118.png -(555110 B, 1470x1062) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

pg 118, "we'd reah tv" that sentence kind of sounds weird.

>> No.20634  


>> No.20682  

It sounded even weirder before. I asked Procyon for a different translation than was there originally.

>> No.20734  

YMO 14: https://my.mixtape.moe/lxheqv.zip

>> No.20742  



-p4, b2
comma after "easily"
add period at the end


Can you increase the vertical spacing for all of the text? The lines look squished together compared to the other pages.


-last panel, b1
comma after "cloth"


-p3, b1
add comma after "mistake"

I guess we wait for Procyon or another translator to come along to translate the SFX and the other questionable translations.

>> No.20743  

I was away, but I'll get to it soon.

>> No.20744  

Page 121
テレレッテッテ テレレッテッテ - Chachacha Chachacha (a kind of theme song)

the fish of the day ->
the dish of the day

Page 122
That will end in accident! ->
You'll cause an accident!

サクサク - Chop Chop

ザワザワ - Murmur

Page 123
トントン - Chop Chop

カパ - Split

キュッ - Squee

ふきふき - Wipe Wipe

Page 124
ごにょ - Whisper

Page 125
That sounds quick... ->
Though this is fast...

ビクッ - Shock

トトトトトト - Tak Tak Tak

Page 126
This is already a different program. ->
This is becoming a different program.

もみもみ - Rub Rub

ブシャ - Spray

bag ripped and the avocado and the tuna...! ->
bag ripped and now everything is ruined...!

ぐしゃぁ - Splash

ぬぎ - Undress

ポンポン - Pat Pat
カアアア - Blush

Page 127
もじもじ - Fidget Fidget

ゾッ - Chill

It's my fault for tarnishing Sensei's reputation... =>
I deserve this...
ぬぎ… - Undress...
It's my fault for tarnishing Sensei's reputation...

ピト - Place

Page 128
はむ - Munch

>> No.20745  

YMO 14 V2:

>> No.20747  

Page 121
SFX: Chachacha ... etc =>
SFX: A theme song.

Page 126
missed one SFX
じわ - Stained

>> No.20757  

YMO 14 V3:

>> No.20758  


>> No.20803  

YMO 15 V1:

>> No.20805  

page 130
スッ - Swish

page 131
ゴウンゴウン - Whirr Whirr

ウイーン - Vwoom

スッ - Swish
Certain Death -> Certain Pull (or something like Guaranteed Extraction)

page 132
あーー - Aah

ふわ - Soft

ずし - Muffle

page 133
ぐいぐい - Tug Tug

シュゴー - Slurp

ミシ ミシミシミシ - Creak Creak

Mishi mishi / Mishiii (dialogue) -> Creak Creak

page 134
ほっ - Phew

page 136
ウイーン - Vwoom

>> No.20819  
File: 129.jpg -(1487860 B, 1601x2173) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I am glad there are so few this chapter!
Though I do believe I may have cleaned out a few on the first page, and one on the last page at the bottom right.

>> No.20820  

は はい - Y-Yes
ぱぁ - Brighten
キョロ - Glance

>> No.20822  

YMO 15 V2:

>> No.20824  
File: ymo15_qc.txt -(660 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.20825  

YMO 15 V3:

>> No.20826  



-panel 1, box
...and I going... -> ...and I am going...

-panel 4, bubble 2
move up a bit

>> No.20827  

YMO 15 V4:

>> No.20828  


>> No.20864  

YMO 16;

>> No.20870  

Page 137
カッカッカッ - Clack Clack

ブウン - Vroom

ブウン - Vroom

ドッドッドッドッ - Vrrrr

Page 138
そそくさ - Backing away

Page 139
は,はい - Y-Yes.

Page 140
It's just in the way. =>
It's inconvenient.

(missing) Best get a 30-minute nap beforehand.

すっ - Swish

Page 141
指名したいかも - May take you up on that.

とほほ - Heh heh.

I hear there' are =>
I hear there are =>

It'll need the TL note.

スッ - Swish

Page 142
ゆさゆさ - Shake Shake

パチ - Blink

Page 143
What to do...? =>
What now? I'm cold after waking up so I have a small need.

スッ - Swish
(bottle) 茶 - Tea
わ - Wah

(bottle) レモン - Lemon

Page 144
(Top left) 白百合PA - White Yuri PA

ザワザワ - Murmur

Page 145
ドッドッドッドッ - Vrrrr

スッ - Swish

Thank you. ->
Please, go ahead...

スス - Swish

lews stores =>
lewd stores (or: businesses)

>> No.20888  

YMO 16 V2:

>> No.20889  
File: ymo16_qc1.txt -(712 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.20894  

YMO 16 V3:

>> No.20896  


Can you clean all of the dust on the borders of all the pages? And the bubbles as well. Pages 141 and 142 look especially dirty.

thinks back to previous chapters and whether or not I checked for dust

I didn't... Better late than never!

If you don't feel like cleaning, then you can give me your PSDs (or whatever you used) and I'll clean it.

>> No.20899  

I see what you mean, about those two pages in particular.
I usually don't go overboard with cleaning the dust since it's usually practically invisible, most people don't care, and it takes a lot of time.
Here's the PSDs for chapter 16. If you want to clean that dust go ahead and I'll start on chapter 17, but I'm still not going to go crazy with the dust.
If you can't get around to chapter 16 I'll do a quick pass on the images.


>> No.20900  


Thanks. Here are the new PSDs:


And here they are in PNG form:


You're right that dusting takes a lot of time. I only noticed when I saw a couple of big specks and decided to check. Thanks to Kurt's method of cleaning (>>20869), using Topaz makes cleaning a lot easier. I actually used Topaz when cleaning this. But you can just clean how you've been usually doing it. Unless the dust is like glaring at me, I won't worry too much about it like this time.

Thanks again.

>> No.20902  


>> No.20953  

YMO 17:

I can also supply the PSDs if you want them.

>> No.20962  

Page 145
コンコン - Knock Knock

ガチャ - Creak

カチャカチャ - Click Click

Page 146
カチャカチャ - Click Click

The bubble under "else besides me":
Or you'll get even worse.

Page 147
Especially since it's noon... ->
It's noon, but you can't tell.

シャー - Vssh
カッ - Flash

どくどく ヒリヒリ - Bleed Burn

Page 148
ちゃぷ - Splashing

Page 149
カチャカチャ - Click Click
カタカタ - Tap Tap

パコパコ - Thud Thud

Page 150
It doesn't resemble that much... ->
It's not that bad...

バシバシーン - Smack Whack
カタカタ - Tap Tap

死っ! - You Died!


It might be an expression from 2ch. It seems to just mean ugly.

Meanwhile your face became like a butthole. ->
Since I last checked, your face sure got buttugly.

It just now became like that. ->
It's just like that now.

Page 151
ガタ - Rattle

はっ - Hah
私… - I...

Page 152
sign: ハローワーク - Hello Work

>> No.20963  
File: ymo17_qc1.txt -(649 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


No, it's fine.

>> No.20965  

YMO 17 V2:

>> No.20966  


Looks good to me.

>> No.20971  


>> No.21004  

YMO 18:

>> No.21030  

Page 153
It's rare to do farming. =>
It's rare she does farming.

カッ - Bright

ドキッ - Badum

Page 154
バッ - Thump

ウニョ - Crawl

ウニョウニョ - Crawl

Page 155
トントン - Stretch

ドキドキ - Badum Badum

ペチン - Smack

Page 156
Empty bubble: Indeed.

風流♪ - How serene ♪

ブブブ - Bzzzz

ダッ - Dash

ブブブ - Bzzzz
ドキドキ - Badum

Page 157
あーん - Aah

Page 158
ごそ - Rummage

ダッ - Dash

シャキン - Glint

Page 159
すっ - Swish

Empty bubble: The watermelon, Suikako.

Page 160
たたたた - Scuttling away

ブブブ - Bzzzz

>> No.21033  



-panel 4, bubble 1
remove hyphen


comma after "first"

grew -> grow


comma after "it"

>> No.21034  

YMO 18 V2:

My laptop decided to sudoku and I had to set up everything new on another machine, so please tell if something looks strange.

>> No.21035  



-panel 2, box 2
...it's rare to do farming. -> ...it's rare she does farming.


-p3,bubble 1
pou-ltice -> poul-tice

>My laptop decided to sudoku

What do you mean? Everything looks normal.

>> No.21036  

My laptop suddenly died and I had to find all the fonts again to re-install on another computer, and I lost all my Photoshop profiles and everything. As long as it looks normal, that's all that matters.

>> No.21037  

YMO 18 V3:

>> No.21038  



-last panel, left text
he -> the

Otherwise, everything looks good.

Random questions. Why did Yoriko-senpai kiss Sayuri during the mosquito thing? And why did the mosquitoes follow Yoriko-senpai afterwards?

>> No.21040  


Gnats like to form clouds above peoples' heads like that. My guess is that Yoriko wanted to get close to Sayuri so that the gnats would recognize her as a nice head to follow as well, and just kissed her because Yoriko is crazy. Then, when Yoriko moved aside, the gnat cloud followed her as she had planned.

>> No.21041  


>> No.21042  


Thanks for the explanation. Yoriko definitely is crazy. This is a great and hilarious series.

>> No.21061  

YMO 19:

>> No.21069  

Page 1
sign: メイドカフェゆりめく - Maid Cafe YuriMeku

Your skin should be exposed equally on both your legs. =>
Your zettai ryouiki must be equal on both legs.
(She does use the meme. The romaji seems to be more popular than "absolute territory".)

すっ - Swish

もぞ - Snuggle

祝!おじょうさま たんじょうっ! - Congratulations, Madam! Happy Birthday!

Page 3
ペコペコ - Bow Bow

Page 4
Just keep that smile on like a robot. Watch this. =>
Just smile and act like your heart is a machine. Watch.

さっ - Fwish

ウインウイン - Whirr Whirr

Page 5
ビク - Shock
さすさす - Rub Rub

たたた - Running

スリスリ - Slide Slide

Page 6
ニイ - Grin

さわ - Touch

キュ - Clench

ぐり - Crunch

Page 7
ドカ - Crash

ビチュ - Soaked

ドキドキ - Badum Badum

うぅ - Uuh...
ゾクゾク - Excited

Page 8
ダッ - Dash

スルスル - Swish

Because when we're like this... =>
From now on...

...I can protect you as close to you as possible. =>
...I'll be as close as I can to protect you.

>> No.21072  
File: ymo19_qc.txt -(442 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.21094  

YMO 19 V2:

>> No.21095  



-panel 1, title
change font to aquafont

>> No.21115  


>> No.21117  


>> No.21118  

YMO 20:

>> No.21119  

Page 169
ズザア - Scrape

ウアア - Waagh

ズバッ - Slash

ズバ - Slash

ガッガッ - Stab Stab
ブヂュ - Slosh

Page 170
roaming with infected ones. =>
roaming with the infected.

スッ - Swish

Page 171
ザッ - Fwish
死後 (さばきにあう) - (large) After Death (small) awaits judgment
(There's a Christian group in Japan that hangs slogans like these)

あーーー - Gaaaah

スッ - Sneak

きゅっ - Tighten

Page 172
There seems to be no one here... =>
It looks completely abandoned.

ヘナ - Slump

たたた - Running

Page 173
ガブ - Bite

ゴン - Slash
ブシャ - Splurt

ズキ - Pain

ドクドク - Gushing

ヘナヘナ - Gloom

Page 174
あーーー - Gaaah
むく - Standing

ズル - Slide

たたた たたた - Running

スチャ - Swish

はあ はあ - Haah Haah
そんな - It can't be...

チャキ - Click

チャ - Point

ぐぐぐ - Tugging

Page 175
どっ - Jump

カララン - Rattle

んーー - Gnnn
お散歩いきますよー - Let's go for a walk.

>> No.21122  
File: 177.jpg -(3821108 B, 3146x4356) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

YMO 20 V2:

Also, there's this page.

>> No.21123  


-unbold regular dialogue


-p4, sfx
slu- -> slu (remove hyphen)


-p1, top sfx
Stan- / ding -> Stand- / ing

>> No.21124  

Thank you for your purchase of Yuri Mekuru Oshigoto.
In this second installment of the Yuri Mekuru series, I wanted each situation to be centered around the question, what if Yoriko and Sayuri performed various jobs...
As you may know, the series started in a high school setting, and I'd like to make a third volume called "Yuri Mekuru Jogakusei" (School Girls), so I hope you will all support me!
Umitsuki Reona

>> No.21125  


>unbold regular dialogue

But some is bolded in Japanese. Can you be more clear in what you are asking?

>> No.21127  
File: 162_170.png -(4043509 B, 4000x2853) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Compared to previous chapters, a lot of the dialogue in ch20 look like they are in bold.

>> No.21128  

I'm using a different computer, so that may be, I'll see what I can do.

>> No.21129  

They're certainly not bolded, but they do look strange.

>> No.21130  

I found the issue.

>> No.21131  

I believe this should do it:

>> No.21132  


Looks a lot better. Thank you.

>> No.21133  


Volume 3 seems to be quite delayed, right? Are there magazine scans (if you want to work with something like that)?

>> No.21142  

I know the Anon who originally made these did post s few more pages that the author posted on her Twitter/Pixiv/whatever, but I don't know how to get a hold of the person aside from just randomly posting in the /u/ General thread asking if that person is around.
Certainly, though, I have seen others say that there is not a third volume at least as of now, just a few chapters the author has.

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