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File: 6,5.jpg -(4034366 B, 2000x2805) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
4034366 No.19079  


>> No.19082  

Someone on /u/ translated this part but it needs TLC coz it's not that good.


>> No.19086  

Chapters 2-4. Just in case.

>> No.21362  

If someone QC the /u/ translation I can edit chapter 1.

>> No.21363  
File: yuunagi_1_edited.txt -(3184 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I went through and changed some stuff. There were a couple of phrases I didn't feel much more confident on than the original translator(s):

pg 4

> 服着たままっ
> She has her clothes on

I assume that this is to distinguish her from someone who's wearing a swimsuit. I'm guessing that the logic is that if she was wearing a swimsuit, it would not be unusual to be facing the ocean in no shoes, but if you're wearing normal street clothes, you may be contemplating something drastic. But if this is the logic, I don't think it's any clearer in the original than it is here in translation—unless there's a cultural expectation here that's not obvious to those unfamiliar with it.

> なんなの~男子もへらへらしちゃってさー
> What was that about? Even the boys are laughing her off.

I honestly don't know what to make of へらへらしちゃって. I marked it as "laughing it off," but I have low confidence in this translation. I feel like the dictionaries I typically make recourse to have failed to provide me adequate context or usage examples for me to properly make sense of this one. I've guessed, and would appreciate an authoritative confirmation or correction.

>> No.21368  



I think this is straightforward enough. People don't go swimming in their clothes, so if you're going in with your clothes on, you probably don't plan on coming out again.


I guess we're meant to assume that off-page the boys start trying (or pretending) to laugh off their embarrassment /irritation. Otherwise I don't understand it either.

>> No.21370  

I saw this a while back and translated 1-3 for fun/practice. Never thought it would get bumped again up again. I could compare my script to the /u/ version.

>> No.21371  


I kinda assumed that


I think it might some kind of call back to Ena being friendly to the girl earlier. like "What, even the boys were chatting with her".

>> No.21386  
File: missing sfx.txt -(401 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There were some sfxs that weren't translated.

>> No.21390  
File: Yuunagi Marbled part 1 QC.txt -(2186 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.21392  


>> No.21393  


Some thoughts on wording:

Page 10
Top Bubble

> Metropolitan High School


> a school in Tokyo

[都内 refers to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.]

Page 16
Bottom Panel

> Don't turn down the offer.


> Don't hold back.

Page 19

> She's profoundly silent.
> Carrying a heavy atmosphere.
> That beautiful girl.


> She has a profound,
> quiet air about her.
> Such a beautiful girl.

Page 22
Lower Left Text
Maybe change

> I can't resist the gravity.


> I can't resist her gravity.

Or something like

> I'm being hopelessly drawn in.

Not exactly sure what to do with ヘラヘラ line, but "the boys are laughing her off" just sounds off. I think Gulf Standard is right about what it means, they're laughing or joking in response to Ena yelling at them. Not sure how to write that. Maybe something like "the boys are laughing at you".

>> No.21395  


>> No.21398  




That would be kinda annoying (increase stroke width; currently, the stroke doesn't create enough of a border around the words for the dots in the background not to create legibility issies. In particular, the dots on the 'i's can get confused with dots in the background.)


Hey! What do you think you're doing!? (embolden; maybe enlarge slightly?)

Go away! Can't you see you're bothering her!? (embolden; maybe enlarge slightly?)

>> No.21399  


Any ideas for what to put in the balloon on the credits page?

>> No.21401  


I just noticed, on 010.png, currently the teacher is marked as saying, "Due to her parent's situation," which implies only one parent is affected by the situation. Shuyguy, you've read ahead, do you know if this is, in fact the case? Should we switch it to "parents'" situation, which implies their both affected by the situation?

Besides that detail, I think this is ready for release.

>> No.21404  


>Besides that detail, I think this is ready for release.

Use this credits page.

Schuyguy, please post the translations from chapters 2-3 so I can edit them.

>> No.21405  


>> No.21406  


it's plural, so "parents' situation". Or "family circumstance" - it's sort of a set phrase - "has transferred due to family circumstances".


Okay, I just need to double-check them first.

>> No.21407  



>> No.21409  
File: Yuunagi Marbled part 2 translation.txt -(22052 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Here's part 2

>> No.21411  

On page 12 you forgot one little thing, the lower balloon on the right in the first panel, is it just another "mn"?

>> No.21413  


That bubble is ....っ, and I guess could be translated as

>> No.21419  

Chapter 2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/thab5z5w43mhml7/Yuunagi_Marbled_ch2.rar

>> No.21421  

Someone has the whole RAR for the entire manga

>> No.21424  


Change just one thing:
Page 17
Bottom Left Bubble

> Of course, it's not like I'll go and do it with just anyone.

change to

> Of course, it's not like I'm fine with just anyone.

Other than that, looks good.


I assume someone at /u/ has the rest, but don't really know how to get that. If need be, I can try to scan it.

>> No.21426  


>> No.21429  
File: Yuunagi Marbled part 3 translation.txt -(16696 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I think these are fine, and ready to be released.

Also, here's chapter three.

>> No.21430  

In the credits, 'Yuunagi' is misspelled. I'll pick the version with horizontal text of page 17.

>> No.21431  


>> No.21433  


>'Yuunagi' is misspelled


>> No.21435  

Chapter 3: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ts143w8ay4z2iid/Yuunagi_Marbled_ch3.rar

>> No.21436  
File: 8CD25E78-829B-4255-81D3-2D698393BF68.jpeg -(1637198 B, 3264x2448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Saw your translation got uploaded on dynasty, just wanna say that her family name is nanjo…

>> No.21437  

By “is” i mean “read as”, sorry

>> No.21438  


Damn. That's what I guessed first, but Minamijou seemed more likely.... I guess I should've looked for the full book before trying. We can change that in future chapters.

>> No.21441  

I fixed Mishio's family name.
Ch. 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dlb5n6qkih0jm7m/Yuunagi_Marbled_ch1%285%29.rar
2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/thab5z5w43mhml7/Yuunagi_Marbled_ch2.rar
3: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ts143w8ay4z2iid/Yuunagi_Marbled_ch3.rar

>> No.21442  
File: yuunagi_qc2.txt -(1555 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

QC for part 2.

Some typesetting comments, as well as one question about a translation.

>> No.21443  

I updated chapter 1 on the homepage.

>> No.21445  
File: yuunagi3_qc.txt -(1504 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


QC for part 3.

Typesetting comments.

>> No.21446  


You're right about the "anger" on page 13. That should just be "fufu". I have no idea why I translated it like that.

>> No.21447  


>> No.21448  
File: yuunagi_2_qc2.txt -(1041 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I overlooked something last time: if you have an emdash, there should be no space on either side of the emdash. This round is almost entirely instances of that correction, plus a couple other typos I missed earlier.

>> No.21449  
File: yuunagi_3_qc2.txt -(346 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


A bit of the same for part 3.

>> No.21450  


>> No.21451  


I think these are ready for release.

>> No.21452  


>> No.21453  
File: ch 2 pg 10.png -(163657 B, 698x442) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think that's "what do I do?"

>> No.21454  


Hmmm, probably. I think I forgot a "do" there.

>> No.21455  
File: Yuunagi Marbled part 4 translation.txt -(13958 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's part 4.

>> No.21456  

What's the sfx in the middle panel of page 13? And the floating text in Ena's bubble in the middle panel on page 18?

>> No.21460  


On page 13, I think that's こっくん "swallow"

On page 18, that's "Wh-" that goes before the actual line (she's stuttering)

>> No.21462  
File: yuunagi ch4 pg13 sfx help1.jpg -(414983 B, 713x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Actually, I'm not 100% sure about that page 13 SFX, since it's pretty faint. It looks closer to こっくん than to anything else, but it's hard to say. It could also just be a continuation of the pattern on the page (those bubbles or whatever), and not mean anything at all.

Here it is if anyone else wants to look.

>> No.21464  

I wasn't sure about that either but it didn't look like it was part of the pattern to me. So should I use "swallow" or just let it like that?

>> No.21465  


Right now I'm leaning towards leaving it as-is. It really doesn't look very much like こっくん or really anything recognizable. Only the first bit looks close to こっ but if the rest is just artistic flair, that bit probably is as well.

>> No.21466  

Okay. Btw you said you can try to scan the rest of the chapters and I think that will be needed. Whoever ripped the 4 chapters is not around /u/ anymore, I went there to ask about it and someone had already done it but there was no answer.

Chapter 4: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zoanr15fd30ippj/Yuunagi+Marbled+ch4.rar

>> No.21467  


Yeah, I figured as much. Not likely that someone's gonna show up a year later. I ordered the book but it might not be here till next month.

>> No.21470  
File: yuunagi_4_qc1.txt -(756 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Minor fixes and a couple editing suggestions.

>> No.21476  
File: yunagi2_var1.1-page-010.png -(744668 B, 1426x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



>> No.21479  


The two-page spread still looks odd to me, with the background screen tone cutting off suddenly, but I think it looks better than having the pages separate. I've seen some online releases where an image for both pages as well as an image of the two pages stitched together are included; is that what we want to do here? Is there a guideline or standard for this?

But besides that, I think this is ready for release.

>> No.21481  
File: yuunagi4_var.1.0-page-020-21-version.png -(1927970 B, 2852x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There's something wrong. I think that pages 20 and 21 are the ones supposed to be stitched. Pages 21 and 22 goes left > right in the stitched version while it's supposed to be left < right. It still looks kinda odd but pg 20 has the white gutter on the left.

>> No.21482  
File: yuunagi4_var.1.0-page-020-21-version2.png -(1928719 B, 2852x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Wrong order, sorry.

>> No.21484  


That one definitely seems more natural. Also, there's no way for page 21-22 to line up, since 21's left edge would line up with 22's right edge.

Either way I'm not sure if it's necessary to combine them as one page. It's not like a single image is continued across two pages, just the white boundaries line up.

>> No.21485  


I like the stitched spread more than the two individual images. The sudden cut-off on the left side of 021.png leading to nothing is fairly jarring without the open background of 020.png for it to flow into.

>> No.21486  


Okay, if you think that looks better.
Though I think you mean the left side of 20 (20 is on the right, and 21 on the left).

>> No.21488  
File: pg-10.png -(744869 B, 1426x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I left the stitched version of pages 20-21 on the file and already renamed the pages.

< And here's the fixed page 10 of chapter 2, thought I had fixed before but I must have fixed in the psd and forgot to save.

>> No.21490  


I think this is ready for release.

I can't help but wonder if the binding of the original would have decreased the prominence of the gutter between 020.png and 021.png. The cover scans suggest to me that this wouldn't be so much the case, but still, I wonder.

>> No.21500  

Released and updated ch02.

>> No.21525  

Here's chapter 5. This is my first time scanning a manga, and I really don't know a thing about image editing, so if the quality isn't good enough or the images will be difficult to deal with, let me know and I can try to scan them again differently. If they're okay, then I'll do the rest like this (though hopefully more neatly).

>> No.21527  

Those look just fine, schuyguy. Thank you.

>> No.21533  
File: Yuunagi001.jpg -(1958421 B, 1257x2065) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the rest.

>> No.21545  
File: Yuunagi Marbled part 5 translation.txt -(14702 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Here's the chapter 5 translation.

>> No.21547  


>> No.21552  



"I guess Nanjo's actually a really funny girl." (Try reshaping this block; a triangle isn't typically a good shape for a text block. Ideally, the shape of a block of text will echo the shape of the box or balloon that contains it.)


She's is the new school nurse, right? (Change "she's is" to "she's" or "she is")

>> No.21558  


>> No.21564  


>> No.21569  
File: Yuunagi Marbled part 6 translation.txt -(6520 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's chapter 6

>> No.21585  

What's the sfx on page 118?

>> No.21586  


はーっ is "sigh" or "haah"

>> No.21587  
File: yuunagi122-123.png -(2890796 B, 3036x2145) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I edited pages 122-123 separately because the bottom panel looks weird, there should be more of Mishio's ear and neck but there isn't a way for me to draw that, I think.


>> No.21588  


Oh, your right. Looks like they kinda cheated on that part since it was hidden by the binding.

>> No.21594  
File: Yuunagi Marbled part 7 translation.txt -(11298 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Page 120

Top Center

>We all do come and do it every year!


>We all come and do it every year!

Other than that, everything looks good.

Also, here's the translation for chapter 7.

>> No.21604  

Chapter 7: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vrq4q7f6pld5d1n/Yuunagi_Marbled_ch7.rar

>> No.21607  


No problems that I can see, I think this is ready for release. Did you update that one page for chapter 6?

>> No.21610  

Can you upload a credits page for both of these?

>> No.21612  


I did.

>> No.21615  


>> No.21618  
File: Yuunagi Marbled part 8 translation.txt -(17354 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's Chapter 8.

>> No.21621  

Am I just missing the raws for chapter 8? I can't seem to find them.

>> No.21622  


It should be in the folder linked in the post with the others.

Here's the link again for parts 6-9.

>> No.21623  

Thank you.

>It should be in the folder linked in the post with the others.

Where is this? I can't find the post that has this information. I might be just blind, but I've looked at this thread 3 times through. If it's somewhere else, please let me know. Thanks.

>> No.21624  

Suggestions for better wording:
Page 154
Top Center Panel
具合 悪そうでした?
Did she feel sick?

Page 155
Bottom Right Panel
Upper Bubble
友達の輪の中にいるし 笑ってるし
She was laughing while being surrounded by friends.

Page 156
Bottom Right Panel
Left Bubble
助けるどころか 南条さんを 深く傷つけてしまった
Instead of saving Nanjou-san, she ended up wounding her horribly.

Page 157
Top Right Panel
Left Bubbles
M—Marriage? //capitalise both M's//

Page 158
Bottom Right Panel
Right Bubble
結果的に二股で 彼の方を選んだ形に なってしまって…
As a result, out of the two of them, she ended up choosing him...

Page 160
Bottom Right Panel
って 脅してみたり…
Maybe she said, I'll threaten them— //This doesn't really make sense, but I can't get around the みたり... I'm really not sure here.//

Page 161
Bottom Right Panel
Left Bubble
お 屋上!?
Th—The roof!? //Capitalise the stuttered first of a sentence again like above//

Page 162
Right Panel
Upper Boxes
Before I could think
こうやって 体が動いてしまうんだから
my body started moving on its own
Lower Bubble
もうどうしうようも ないんだなって思う
It was like it had no other option.

Page 164
Top Left Panel
よ… 良かったぁ…
Th— Thank god...

Page 166
Top Panels
Left Bubble
な なんのそれ…

Page 167
Top Right Panel
同情ぐらいじゃ 美汐の側には いられないよ まったく~
What am I gonna do with you... I'm not with you out of pity! //seems to flow better with it reversed like this.//

>> No.21625  

oops. There shouldn't be a space after the hyphen in Th-Thank on p164

>> No.21627  


>Page 154
>Top Center Panel
>具合 悪そうでした?
>Did she feel sick?

If you think "was she unwell" is awkward, then it should change to "was she sick" or "was she feeling sick?". "Did she feel sick?" just seems odd to me, the simple past tense with "did" seems to imply completion in this case, which doesn't really work.

>Page 155
>Bottom Right Panel
>Upper Bubble
>友達の輪の中にいるし 笑ってるし
>She was laughing while being surrounded by friends.

This might be more grammatically correct, since it's a complete sentence, but I chose "Surrounded by friends, laughing" because it sounds more like something someone would actually say in that situation.

>Page 160
>Bottom Right Panel
>って 脅してみたり…
>Maybe she said, I'll threaten them— //This doesn't really make sense, but I can't get around the みたり... I'm really not sure here.//

I'm pretty sure that in this line, the nurse is saying that she's considering telling the parents what she just said in the previous line: "... It might be best if she weren't alone so much. Who knows what she'll do...", as a "threat" to get them to take better care of their daughter. The って connects to the previous line, and 脅してみたり for (more literally) "I'll try threatening them with that or something and see if that works". That's why I translated it as "Maybe I'll try telling them that—".

>> No.21628  

Yeah, I herped when I should've derped. "Was she feeling sick?" is what I should've written lol

I'd probably go "Surrounded by friends... Laughing..." but yeah, I see your reasoning there.

Yeah, I see what's going on now in that last thing. Might wanna make it a bit more clear like "I'll try threatening/coercing them by saying that" or something similar.

Otherwise, everything looks awesome. ^__^

>> No.21631  
File: Yuunagi Marbled part 8 translation v2.txt -(17480 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Here's a new version with some of those corrections made. For the threatening line, I put the previous statement in quotation marks to try and make it more clear what's going on.

By the way, none of the capitalization changes matter, since the editor is using an all-caps font.

>> No.21636  


The raws were embedded in schuyguy's username on post >>21533.

>> No.21637  


page 160, middle panel

>It might be best if she weren't alone so much. Who knows what she'll do...

change to

>"It might be best if she weren't alone so much. Who knows what she might do..."

(quotation marks to make it more clear she's speaking about something she might say)

bottom right panel

>Maybe I'll try telling something like that—

change to

>Maybe I'll try telling them something like that—

Other than that, everything looks fine.

>> No.21638  


>> No.21642  


Everything looks fine here.

>> No.21645  


>> No.21647  

BTW, I don't mind if you add my name to the credits. Dunno if you needed my permission or not. ^__^

>> No.21648  

Procyon, please update chapter 8's file with this credits page: https://imgur.com/a/Qh5DS

>> No.21649  


You should probably put Ichigo69 as QC rather than translation.

>> No.21650  

Oops, sorry.

>> No.21652  

It's updated now and I sent a note to Dynasty.

>> No.21668  
File: Yuunagi Marbled part 9 translation.txt -(17012 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the translation for chapter 9 and the omake (raws in the link). Unfortunately, the last page of the omake got a little messed up during the debinding process, but I figured it's better than nothing.

>> No.21673  
File: Yuunagi196.jpg -(2529040 B, 1581x2220) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Since the omake is only 2 pages, I'll just post them like this also.

>> No.21674  
File: Yuunagi197.jpg -(2559470 B, 1676x2255) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

As you can see, this one is somewhat damaged.

>> No.21685  

That looks fine, don't worry.

>> No.21698  

Overall: change all !? to ?! (pages 186, 196)

Page 174

Top Panel
Left Bubble
先生がいないなら 生きててもって 何度も思ったっけ
I thought for so long that I wouldn't be able to live if it weren't for her.
For the longest time, I thought that I wouldn't be able to live if it weren't for her.
// The line flows better like this, I think.
Bottom Right Panel
死ぬなんて勇気 あるわけないのにね
Of course I didn't have the courage to actually die.
Of course I didn't have the courage to actually kill myself.

Page 175

Bottom Panels
Right Bubbles
消えることは ないかも しれないけど…
It might not be erased...
The feeling might never disappear...
// I think this gets the meaning across better, but please discuss it if you don't think I'm right

Page 176

Bottom Left Panel
Right Bubble
// It's either dammit or damn it.

Page 178

Top panel
Center Text
江菜ー わたしね
Left Text
もう死にたいとか 思ったりしないよ
I won't think about dying anymore.
// I would do this kinda like they have it done in the manga:
-- Ena, I...
-- won't think about dying anymore.

Page 180

Middle Panel
いまさら行って どうするのよ…
What am I supposed to do, going there after so long...
What am I supposed to do? I haven't been there in so long...
Bottom Panel
ほらほら~ ぶすっとしないで~
Hey, come on no grumbling~
Hey, come on now. No grumbling~
//Run ons are bad they are bad grammar they shouldn't be used. :^)

Page 182

Middle panels
Left Bubble
だいたい こんなのどこが 東京デートなの!
What kind of date involves coming to a place like this!?
What kind of a date involves going to a place like this?!

Page 187

Middle Panel
Right Bubbles
ちゃんと 忘れられるのかなって 心配で
I worried about how you might be able to put her behind you,
I was worried that you might not be able to put her behind you and move on,
I was seriously thinking about how I could help you put her behind you and move on,
// I'm not really sure of this line. It comes across as kinda vague to me, so pick which one you like better.
会に行ってみよう なんて美汐のこと 試したりして
and I thought maybe I should try bringing you to meet her.
so I thought maybe I should try taking you to meet her.
//bring and take are difficult. Transative vs. intransative OTL

Page 188

Top Right Panel
Right Bubble
あたし ちゃんと 吹っ切れてたんだなって
That I'd gotten over it.
Yeah. Relieved that I've gotten over it.
//Flows better this way.
Middle Right Panel
Right Bubble
じゃ… じゃあ 良かったのかな? 余計な世話 だったかな~ とか思って
S—So it's alright? I was wondering if I was meddling too much in your personal business...
S-So it's all right? I was wondering if I was meddling too much in your personal business...
// alright is never all right. (Sauce: Chicago Manual of Style) www

Page 192 [I think this is a double page with 193] <-- It is. It would be great if these 2 pages could be sewn together ^__^

Page 196

Top Panel
What happened!?
What happened?!

Page 197

Top Right Panel
Right Bubbles
きのう梅で 遊んでてさーっ
Well, we were play by the ocean yesterday, and—
Well, we were playing by the ocean yesterday, and-
Left Bubble
They make a good pair!!
They make a great pair!!
// Personal preference. I think this sounds better and more what somebody would say in this situation.
>> No.21733  
File: Yuunagi Marbled part 9 translation v2.txt -(17086 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I think you're right that "taking" is better here, but "bring" and "take" are both transitive verbs. The difference is in direction of movement relative to a location of reference, analogous to "come" and "go". Now that I think about it, this case is unusually complicated because Ena is talking about some time in the past when she had the idea to take Mishio in the future to Rika, so it's unclear whether the location of reference is the place they're presently speaking or where she was when she made that plan. But either way, "take" is probably best. When I was first reading it, for some reason I was under the impression that they were still in Tokyo just at some nearby shore, and maybe that's why I thought "bring" made more sense, but they're definitely back in Kanagawa (or wherever Ena's from) so "take" feels better, since the described action involves motion away from their current location.

The Chicago Manual of Style is all fine and good for essays and formal writing. This is a high school girl's dialogue in a comic book - I've violated plenty of their rules for the sake of natural dialogue. For that reason I think "alright" is more appropriate, though I don't know if it matters either way.

Other things like "!?" vs "?!" are both accepted English usage. For some reason I always use "!?", and I'm not really aware of any difference between them. So lacking any compelling reason to change, I think it's best to be consistent. Similarly, with "What kind of date", I think that and "What kind of a date" are both accepted variants that differ based on region or just from one person to another. The first one feels more natural to me. I don't know if I'd ever use "a" in that expression.

Anyways, here's a new version with most of your changes included.

>> No.21746  


>> No.21750  

I'm old school so "alright" severely triggers me. I really can't stand it.
CMoS begrudgingly allows it because language changes, but they don't like it. I despise "alright", though and I really would like it changed to "all right". I know all you young 'uns seem to think it's the best thing since sliced bread, but it just screams BAD to me. I'm really sorry I can't do it, but my "autism" won't let me. It seems it's give or take to you, but it's a really big thing to me.

>> No.21751  


>what kind of (a) date

IDK, it just seems that adding "a" makes the line flow better IMO. It kind of jarred me when I first read it without the "a"

>> No.21752  



Chicago clearly states that "alright" is appropriate for some non-standard uses, and is favored by "the moderately educated young," and that, outside of formal writing, its preference or dispreference is essentially arbitrary.

>> No.21753  


Everything looks fine to me, except I realized I messed one thing up.

On Page 197, that bubble that says
"You got soaked..."
should be
"We got soaked..."
since it's pointing towards Mishio and Ena, not towards their friends.

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>> No.21766  

Can you upload a credits page?

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>come to far

come too far

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