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File: 2DK, G Pen, Alarm Clock (1).jpg -(222056 B, 1350x1920) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
222056 No.18518  

Vol 1 RAW: http://www.mediafire.com/download/lx42ghi85bgz9q1

Happy Birthday Kari~

>> No.18519  

Thanks so much

>> No.18526  

No problem. I will post vol 2 when you are done with vol 1.

>> No.18652  

Does this already have a translator onboard?

>> No.18655  

>>18652 nope will you be so kind if you can translate.

>> No.18671  

>>18655 Yep, no problem! We're making our way through the first chapter right now, should be done with it in a week or so. Thanks!

>> No.18674  

>>18671 thank you. Also>>18526 I already started editing and I got to tell you sweet raws best raws ever to work with straight pages well level all that needs to be done is redraws and cleaning. This is the best present ever thank you

>> No.18697  

The script for ch. 1 is done! If you'd rather have it in a .txt or some other format, let me know. Thanks!


>> No.18704  

>>18697 thanks so much man will start making em today. This is before volume 5 of citrus arrives from Japan and we're able to continue and we hopefully get a translator for that one to.

>> No.18728  

Any progress?

>> No.18735  

>>18728 I've work on it. But I have things in life to do as well. We all do. But I will get it done when its done. Sooner or later

>> No.18844  
File: 00001.png -(1567931 B, 1406x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

not on stall working on it

>> No.18872  


Why is there "AND" befor "Alarm Clock" in the title? Offcial english title is "2DK, G Pen, Alarm Clock". There's no "AND" there.

>> No.18874  

>>18872 according to the translation I got an "and" in there >>18697

>> No.18876  

>>18872 that's probably why I put it in there. I base it on translation but thank you for spotting it will fix it.

>> No.19276  

If anyone is interested in this project go ahead and edit. I'll even send you the pages I finish redrawing let me know. Its a great story but I don't have much time till August. I can only squeeze citrus in thru for now.

>> No.19298  

I'm in! I have time on my hands at the moment.
Can you upload the pages you've done, Kari?

>> No.19300  

>>19298 thanks so much. So anxious to read it. It deserves a great edit. I'm sure you'll do an amazing Job I'll send you the link tommorow :)

>> No.19302  

https://www.mediafire.com/?0s00hccn4da4pia pages I got to edit so far. feel free to modify them use them or what not.

>> No.19383  

Thanks, Kari! Good job on cleaning and redrawing background! I have less work for these pages.
I've typesetted these pages. Two things, though: in page 3 and 8 there are two untranslated text. I've marked them in red. Can someone tell me the translation?

I'm still working with the rest of chapter 1. I'll post it when it's done. Redrawing is always such a pain, so pages with a lot of sfx will take some time.

>> No.19384  

Page 3 ひゅー here is probably meant as a whistle from being impressed. Just "whistle" should be understandable, or "whew".
Page 8 フー here is "sigh".

>> No.19398  

>>19383 thanks, I've waited for this for so long :) really wanted it to get edited but with my intership at NASA right now is hard plus pokemon go, but will do qc soon. XD

>> No.19463  

It took me a while, but the first version of ch 1 is up: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ij44q2r3t2zqxq3/AAB9H3LQEYxi9Epq-CYGY3Sya?dl=0

>> No.19476  

looks really good will check it soon :)

>> No.19486  

First of want to say great story, love it thanks Anonymous is the best and I hope it continues, and secondly well edited and translated. I am happy it turn this way. Now on to QC
There is some dust in almost all the pages use the leveling technique on this website to get rid of most dust. http://dpscanlations.deathsvertigo.com/join-us-cleaning/ under leveling.

page 007 I bought Monday.-------> I bought its Monday.

page 010 What and easy job...-----> rotate counter clockwise and make smaller.
Sometimes she draws ------> add a period to the end.

Delete page number on this page.

page 011

High spec...?-----> rotate counter clockwise make a bit smaller.

page 012

Sounds like they misunderstood...------> rotate clockwise make smaller.
Delete page number as well for this page, delete all page numbers.

page 014

Thanks for the food!------>move a bit to the right.

page 015

Why?----->move a bit to the right.


page 019

page 025

panel 5 kaede eating sandwich sfx missing: munch munch

this is what I was able to check so far will continue on Wednesday when I am finally off work. To finish qc to page 47

>> No.19498  

Qc continues.

page 027

page 029-030
don't forget to erase the page number on the bottom.

page 032

turn ..Haah... horizontally
...That was a lil’ too close for comfort, huh…------->add a question mark at the end ...That was a lil’ too close for comfort, huh…?

page 037
I heard from yer underclassman from college------> add period.

page 040

change all !? to ?!

missing sfx on kae-chan hair top panel プル プル-quiver quiver

page 045

missing sfx ah ha ha ha

that's all from me :) great job editing.

>> No.19500  


>page 010 What and easy job...-----> rotate counter clockwise
>page 012 Sounds like they misunderstood...------> rotate clockwise
> Sounds like they misunderstood...------> rotate clockwise

I'm rather confused here. They're actually already in the rotated position you mentioned. Should I rotate them to the opposite direction?

>> No.19501  

>>19500 yes on the other direction like in the raw.

>> No.19527  
>page 040
>missing sfx on kae-chan hair top panel プル プル-quiver quiver

where? I don't see any sfx in the raw on the top panel.

version 2:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ij44q2r3t2zqxq3/AAB9H3LQEYxi9Epq-CYGY3Sya?dl=0

>> No.19533  
File: 2DK_qc1.txt -(727 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>where? I don't see any sfx in the raw on the top panel.

I think she means on page 44.

>> No.19538  

I found it. Thanks.
Now version 3:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ij44q2r3t2zqxq3/AAB9H3LQEYxi9Epq-CYGY3Sya?dl=0

>> No.19541  


>> No.19553  

I'm just curious, but on page 7 or something, what does "Monday" mean?

>> No.19554  


It is the name of the magazine, I am pretty sure. Not sure if it is a real manga magazine or not, but I know a "Shonen Sunday" exists, so maybe it is a parody.

>> No.19559  


Oh darn, I should've asked before it got released, but I forgot. Well, if the editor feels like it, "its" should be removed from that bubble.

I bought its Monday. -> I bought Monday.

>> No.19563  


>"its monday"

I did find it quite strange. If it's confusing, how about "the monday"?

>> No.19565  


Yeah, that's fine. Just also capitalize the M.

>> No.19581  


>> No.19582  

Mega link is updated.

>> No.19663  

So...anyone want to translate the next chapters?

>> No.19963  

With much appreciation for your time and collaborative effort on ch01, ... We are looking forwards to the next chapters (and volumes: >>19474 and >>19711 as well). Thanks in advance! ^_^

>> No.20588  

Still no translations?

>> No.21943  

Bump. I won’t let this be forgotten.

>> No.21957  

Cleaning work has been done a long time ago.
So, if anyone is willing to continue the work, please go ahead and use this:

>> No.22192  

Any translators willing to work on this series?

It has been nearly 2 years since chapter one and I would like to read more.

>> No.22194  

I read in a fb post that a scan group will be picking this up. I’m not sure if its true tho.

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