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File: strange_babys_ch04_01.png -(1183093 B, 1350x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1183093 No.11285  

32 pages, public magazine raw

Will provide tank scans if someone translates.

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File: Strange Babys ch04.txt -(23412 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: strange_babys_ch04_097.jpg -(2476388 B, 1740x2486) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Please could do the translation of chapter 5, I love this manga and publish on my blog in Spanish, thanks guys do a great job, I love them.

>> No.14600  


I'm actually still alive and working on this. I'm about 30% done and I expect to dedicate more time to this from now on.

Sorry for the delay.

>> No.20468  

I'll edit this. If I download new fonts for SFX and such, should I include them in the QC zip?

>> No.20487  


No, it is not necessary.

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>>20468 sorry

>kinda forgot i have this. i'll add the credits later
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File: strange4_qc1.txt -(1142 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


So I think there were 3 untranslated sfx. Two out of three of them were cleaned but I think you should add them back in unless someone comes and translates them. But just add them back in for now.

Otherwise, I think you did a really good job cleaning the sfx, especially the ones with the sparkly backgrounds. I hate cleaning those kinds of backgrounds haha.

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>> No.21271  
File: sb4Credits.png -(409183 B, 1376x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>21267 forgot ths sorry

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File: strange4_qc2.txt -(405 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.21289  

I'll try to list all the sfx.

Page 4 panel 2
ペラペラ - Talking / Blabla

Page 8 panel 1
のしっ - Point

Page 9
The swimsuit says ラ and not う I think. Not sure what it means though, you can probably just leave it like that.

Page 10 panel 6
ズドォォォォ - Fwooom

Page 12
Two sentences are mixed up.
If it were me...! =>
...is weird.

...is weird =>
If it were me, I'd...!

Page 17 panel 1
ピャ - Squee

Page 27 panel 3
ぐしゃ - Stomp

Page 31 panel 4
ぐす - Sob

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>> No.21304  


Since you didn't apply some of my changes in both my qc's, I'm assuming that it was on purpose. However, there are a couple of new things to change.


-last panel
...is weird -> ...is weird. (add period)
If it were me...! -> If it were me, I'd...!

Add Procyon to the credits page.

>> No.21629  

sorry super late


>> No.21630  


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